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Marketing Program Strategies

Increase Site Traffic

marketing program strategies

Managers everywhere are interested in finding marketing strategies and SEO programs that will help them increase targeted traffic to their sites.  At the same time they are concerned about reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing sales and public awareness of their products and services.


The Visualization Marketing and Reporting Package (VMRP) from our Company addresses these crucial issues by combining an aggresive marketing branding launch campaign strategy that is reliable and proven method to help drive traffic and boost sales.  Position marketing is obtainable when you purchase our VMRP solution.  VMRP is designed to increase the reach of your business intelligence by branding your company to a far wider audience with much more continuity.
Managers everywhere who realize the competitive nature of business are not willing to take chances on "spend thrift" ideas that produce no results.  However, most recognize the need to continue to reach larger audiences with products and services that solve problems.  Nowadays, business is becoming more global in scope and major institutions are having much of their backroom services performed abroad resulting in lower cost to market.  Unless, one is able to visualize where their business is and where it is heading chances are they are putting their business on a collision course.
VMRP is a bundled services package that allows the end-users to see how their business is performing.  VMRP is a combination of marketing programs, image enhancement, PR Campaigning, SEO programs and Automated Marketing Responders and much more (ALL COMBINED INTO ONE PACKAGE!).  VMRP is primarily launched in four stages:

1) The Assessment ,

2) Campaign development ,

3) The Launch and,

4) Reporting stage

VMRP is primarily a highly customizable marketing program strategy designed to fit any business model and provides professional looking reports for managers to get snap-shots of how their business is performing on the internet.  This package empowers business professionals and report authors with ready to market information that is invaluable in business today.  It features rich and easy-to-follow video presentations with user friendly interfaces that enable viewers to discover new insight into what your business has to offer. You gain intelligent new tactics for aligning people and attracting them to your website in ways that you never thought possible!

What is included in the VMRP?

  • Customizable website with your own choice of  a Video SpokespersonWe highly recommend static websites for high optimization value.
  • Hosting Package and domain registration is available for companies that do do not have an internet presence.  A $200 credit is taken off the VRMP price for companies that have a current domain and hosting company.
  • 2-3 Minute Video Presentation designed to promote your company's products and services.
  • Multiple Video Upload  to a miniimum of 50 of the most popular video websites on the internet. This portion of VMRP is sure to increase traffic to your site ten-fold.
  • PR campaign launch with Press Release services
  • SEO Program- Full Search Commander program with link building, dedicated support and much more. click here for more details. 
  • Email Marketing Campaign.  Complete automation of your marketing program strategy campaign with autoresponders.  This is a marketing program strategy online you can't afford to be without!

*PRICE $70.00 per hour

*25% Deposit required (balance due upon completion)

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Web Development and Setup Cost is calculated at $70 per hour.  If you have a job to be completed please contact the webmaster for a time estimation for your project.  Once you receive the total estimated charges please enter the number of hours in whole numbers.  Send request to  Thank you.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Solutions

SEO solution technique bar graph

Our SEO Solution Techniques and Search Engine Optimization services are one of the best ways for you to optimize your site to get more traffic.  Without optimizing your site and developing a good strategy for your browsers to find you, it is possible you could be throwing good money to the wind.  Simply putting up a website is not enough to give you presence on the Internet.  Many Search Engine Optimization services promise you the world and deliver very little value for what you pay for.  We have a proven system that works.   The combination of technical and business expertise is our foundation for integrated process solutions that meet the most stringent requirements. Request a no cost optimization report of your website by clicking here

Our search engine optimization advertising solution techniques.  The number of people turning to the internet is increasing everyday.  Tough economic times are forcing people and companies to find alternative solutions to "cutting cost."  The need to find information, products and services has never been greater.  The desire to locate information quickly, efficiently and reliably has made the internet an invaulable tool in the world of information.  Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo have become the modern day 'encyclopedia' - you can search for products or services anywhere in the world.  However, their technology speaks a different language.  The algorithm (criteria) that drives them is complex and foreign to most people. 

If you have a website that recognizes and responds well to this criteria; you have a strong voice in the market.  If you do not have a website maximizing your relationship to this code - you will NEVER be heard.....  If you want to take serious advantage of what the search engines optimization offers you must spend some time in understanding how to use keywords to help increase site traffic.

If you want a strong voice in the marketplace don't leave it to chance.  We recommend that you use our marketing program strategies to help you increase your exposure on the search engines.  We offer 2 of the most cost-effective SEO solution techniques for advertising your site on the internet.


The experts behind Painted Tracks Marketing Company, USA have designed state of the art solutions and systems for optimizing and reporting your SEO results.  The use of our technology gives you up to the minute report tracking which empowers your business to fine-tune keyword searches.  Because we understand the technology behind the search engines we avoid selling our customers hype.  Most SEO programs are built on a false sense of advertisement and are typically unable to deliver on their promises.  If you are guaranteed the moon you can be assured you won't get it.  Check out our services list for an itemize details of what we offer and why our approach is sincere and realistic.  Examine the tools for yourself and understand the reasons why you should choose us as your search engine provider of choice....


The demands on search engines have increased sharply in recent years for a variety of reasons– with respect to currentness and consistency of data, the integration of process steps, and especially the significantly tightened security regulations. Quality is therefore the decisive criterion for solutions utilized by Painted Tracks Marketing in its technology support area.  If we help you achieve your goals we will have earned your business for years to come.


All processes are precisely documented in accordance with our company's standards and regulations. Each change is made in compliance with the internal controlling system to ensure quality and is the focus on all of our products and search engine optimization services.  


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Ways to Increase Site Traffic

10 Simple No Cost Search Engine Techniques

No matter what type of website you have, everyone needs traffic.  Otherwise, the most elegant and functional website would be at a lost without traffic.  The question most people have when they launch their websites is where will I get traffic from?  Just because you put up a site doesn't mean that people will automatically come to it.  In fact, even if they wanted to they simply may not be able to find you.
What if you are short on money and just don't have the budget to afford  marketing strategies using SEO solution programs or a marketing program strategy solution that will help drive traffic to your site?  Well, you have come to the right place to get a jump start on how you can start driving traffic to your site.  Here are 10 ways no cost solutions to help you increase site traffic within a week.   






  • Webinar Training
  • Youtube Video Training
  • Website Video Training

Painted Tracks Marketing Company, USA welcomes' all visitors

Our Company is a Michigan based global operating provider of marketing program strategy services. Our highly trained professional employees develop SEO solution techniques, integrated marketing service solutions and ideas for lasting successful business.

best marketing services for internetThe Company is always there to provide any help and valuable advice that
our customers may need. We treat our customers as possessing partners, so they decide how extensive our services should be.


The purpose of our Company is to provide our customers with the best

marketing programs and SEO services in the field, while ensuring good values and commitment that build long-term partner relationships. 

If you are looking to stay in front of your competition and dominate your marketplace then you have come to the right place.

We are able to achieve this by providing a trained dedicated staff, complete business services and immediate access to us at any moment our clients are in need.  We offer to all internet browsers visiting this Michigan SEO Company site a FREE SEO Optimization report.  Please send your request to  Upon receipt we will gather information for your FREE SEO solution report.

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White Hat Testing

The best seo  service offers solutions in difficult economic times and it's certainly the right time for malicious hackers to identify your weaknesses and take advantage of it.

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Free marketing seminars will be conducted on marketing strategies using seo services solutions in tough times."  Seemingly there is never-ending woes about oil, war, and inflation that has everyone in the world bracing for recession and hard economic times.

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